Taking Out The Trash – June 26, 2022

Matthew 23:13-15

Pastor David Cay

The Bible teaches us about two consequential mistakes that religious Christians can make.

The first mistake is we make it hard for people to start a relationship with God. Our conduct and how we are living is dishonoring God and its pushing people away. We need to bring honor to God by the way we live, by our genuineness and by our service.

The second mistake is we are spreading spiritual death. Many Christians are just all about rules and the rules are making them arrogant. If we are just known for our integrity and not our love too then it’s incomplete.

We need to be known for our love and embodying the character of God: compassion, grace, love, and his justice. When we do this then we have something worth sharing!

Taking Out The Trash – June 19, 2022

Matthew 23:5-12

Pastor David Cay

Today I want to talk about becoming all we could be.

Psychologist Abraham Maslow had a famous theory that says that our best life is the one in which we become all we can be.

His theory actually lines up with the Bible. As Christians we believe in a God who wants us to grow into the best possible version of ourselves.

So my question today is: How can we become all that we were meant to be? To get our answer, we look to our Bible Story from Matthew 23: 5-12. We are going to continue from last week’s sermon where Jesus criticizes the religious leaders of his day, known as the Pharisees and the scribes.

Our big idea today is: We need to choose between LOOKING good and BEING good.

Lessons From The Desert – May 29, 2022

Numbers 21:4-9

Pastor David Cay

We all make mistakes in life but we all know some mistakes are worse than others, like denting a car door is different from crashing a car. When it comes to our relationship with God we all commit small mistakes but we can also commit big ones too.

So my question today is, what are some of the biggest mistakes we can make in our relationship with God? And to answer that question we turn to our Bible story.

Lessons From The Desert – May 15, 2022

Numbers 16

Pastor David Cay

Whenever there is influence there is leadership, all of us have a level of influence on our friends and family. So in that way we all lead and if we lead well, we can bring out the best in others but if we lead poorly it could lead to bad consequences.

So my question today is: What kind of leader does God want us to be? Our Bible story today is about a confrontation between two leaders – Moses and Korah. It’s a story of a good leader and a bad leader, and it reveals two traits that we can all work on:

1. Bad leadership puts personal convenience first
2. Good leadership puts others first

Easter (The Great Commission) – April 24, 2022

Matthew 28:16-20

Pastor David Cay

The way we respond to important events can make a big difference in our life. If we don’t respond properly we can miss out on what’s most important. So today, I’m going to talk about responding well to arguably the most important event in all of history.

So my main question today is: how do we respond to the news of the resurrection of Jesus?

This past Easter we celebrated the death and resurrection of Jesus. We celebrate Jesus’ victory over death. But what do we do after? There are many times people hear the story and they just walk away- some people respond with hostility.

There is a better response to the resurrection of Jesus – one that gives us a purpose and a mission.

Our Bible passage today comes from Matthew 28:16-20. These are Jesus’ instructions to his disciples after his resurrection.

Our Bible passage teaches us the right response to the resurrection is confident evangelism, and confident discipleship.

Easter (Palm Sunday) – April 10, 2022

Luke 19:28-40

Pastor David Cay

We can all empathize with the anguish of having to make a hard decision. Many times we are faced with choices that are painful and difficult. But as Christians, we have reliable principles that guide us to make the right choices even in the hard times

Our Bible story today demonstrates one of the most important principles we can learn in this life. It’s the story of Palm Sunday, also known as the triumphal entry, where Jesus enters Jerusalem on the final week leading up to the cross.

Our Bible story demonstrates two principles.

  1. All of creation was made to submit to God
  2. All of creation was made to glorify God.

Mental Health – March 27, 2022

Matthew 11:28-29

Pastor David Cay

Like it or not, we all have to deal with expectations- we carry not only our own expectations but the expectations of others- our parents and society. And some expectations are perfectly okay, it’s healthy to have some expectations because they prevent us from wasting our time.

On the other hand, if we take on every single persons expectations and also societies expectations it won’t be a surprise if it crushes us. So my question today is: how can we find healthy expectations?

We find our answer in the Bible from the words of Jesus:

1. Culture can burden us with unhealthy expectations
2. Jesus burdens us with healthy expectations

Mental Health – March 13, 2022

Galatians 5:16-23

Pastor David Cay

How do we become healthy, balanced people? The Bible can really help us here. I think it’s important to note that the Bible isn’t a mental health manual. But it has principles and tools that help us have a great relationship with God and in turn it helps us with our mental health.

Mental Health – February 27, 2022

Matthew 3:13-4:4

Pastor David Cay

Today we are starting a new series on mental health and in this sermon we are going to talk about how God gives us a better foundation for our mental health.

My question today is: How can we have a healthy self-image? How can we be secure and self-respecting without being arrogant? Our answer comes from our passage today is Matthew 3:13-4:4.

When we understand this passage fully we find two things about ourselves:

  1. It is right to have a high self esteem
  2. It is right to be the lowest servant.

At first glance, these two attitudes look like a contradiction, but Jesus shows us that we can have the best of both worlds.