Christmas – December 11, 2022

Matthew 1:1-7; 16-17

Pastor David Cay

Here in the beginning, Matthew introduces us to the savior of the world. At first glance it just looks like a big list of names. But when you look deeper into the names, we’re going to see that Matthew is pointing us to something important.

He’s telling us that God is good, and that God is powerful. If you’re a new to this Christian stuff this can be intriguing to you. But if you’ve been a Christian for a long time, it can sometimes sound so repetitive and so basic but if we can grow deeper into this truth, it can become even more richer than we think.

So, my plan today is to unpack our passage and it will give us a chance to reflect on who God is and how he still changes our lives.

Dealing With Distractions – November 20, 2022

Matthew 4:1-4

Pastor David Cay

I had to change a lot of things in my life because my body was starting to fall apart, but maybe that’s more normal for us than we like to admit. Because for many of us we live such fast-paced lives that it becomes difficult to take care of ourselves properly.

We ignore our most basic needs like nutrition and sleep. But there’s another basic need that we neglect and perhaps it’s because we aren’t even aware that we need it.

Our Bible passage today shows us we need God’s word just like we need food and sleep. We’ll see that:

1. We need to know what the Bible SAYS.

2. We need to know what the Bible MEANS.

Today, we are starting a new series called: “Dealing with Distractions”.

It’s a series that takes us through the three temptations that Jesus faced in the desert- temptations that we will face because we live in an age where we are surrounded by temptations and distractions. But we can overcome them just like Jesus did.

Let’s read from our main passage, from Matthew 4:1-4.

The Adventures of Paul – November 6, 2022

Acts 17:24-32

Pastor David Cay

Perhaps the most important misunderstanding and one that we need to deal with is the ones that deal with the character of God. There is a big segment of people that believe God is immoral like a violent dictator. Other people think he’s an imaginary friend that helps you get through problems.

But the Bible teaches something different. Our Bible story today teaches us that:

1. God is good for us

2. God can be proven (arguments and evidence for it)

Our Bible story comes from Paul’s adventures in the book of Acts. Paul has been going around cities telling people about Jesus. He gets to the City of Athens and it’s very different from the other cities he came from. It’s very famous for its culture and for their philosophy. Paul soon finds himself debating with the leading philosophers of his day. Paul presents a different idea about God than anything they had heard before.

The Adventures of Paul – October 23, 2022

Acts 13:1-3

Pastor David Cay

So, my question today is what makes a great church? Is it the cool band and fancy lights or is it something else more important? This is an important question because the church is God’s primary way of saving the world.

If we want to join God in his work, we need to take our part in the church, and we need to understand what we’re working for. So, this morning we will learn from the Antioch Church, one of the greatest churches in the Bible.

Let’s read from Acts 13:1-3:

The Adventures of Paul – October 9, 2022

Acts 9:1-9

I chose this story, not just because it was such a dramatic encounter with God, but to show us that we often encounter God through other people. This might surprise us because we have this prevailing thought that it must be dramatic.

But we find time and time again from the Bible and from experience is that we encounter Jesus through our interactions with his people and if we can understand that we can be wiser and more capable of joining God in his work.

So today, through our Bible passage, I want to show you that we often find Jesus among his followers. And when we encounter Jesus, he CONVICTS us and he COMPLETES us.

Philemon: Ethical Excellence – September 11, 2022

Philemon 1:1-7

Pastor David Cay

Too often at church we talk moreabout evangelism and discipleship, and character development (and of course that is important), but we can’t neglect community and friendship.

It is a necessary ingredient for life change and this is what I want to show from the Bible today. Our Bible passage today comes from Philemon 1:1-7.

At first glance, it feels like nothing is really going on. Paul is just saying some nice things about some guy named Philemon. But if we dig deeper, we see that these nice words between friends are leading to something life changing and greatly important not just for them two but for all of history.

And it’s a reminder to us, that if we want to be agents of change and people who make a difference, we need to invest in friendships too.

My plan today is to show you two ideas from our passage:

  1. We need to build personal friendships
  2. We need to build community

Strange Stories From The Bible – August 28, 2022

John 2:13-17

Pastor David Cay

Many people see Jesus as just a nice guy. But Jesus was more confrontational than we think- he confronted the injustice of the religious elite. He said a lot of harsh things and because of this he made a lot of enemies who constantly wanted to kill him. You don’t kill nice people. Nonetheless, Jesus was perfect and this was a time where his perfect character and perfect love demanded more than just some kind words- it demanded action.

These stories are important because it gives us the proper understanding of who God is and what he is like. It gives us a picture of what God wants us to be like because we are called to imitate him, so we can join him in his work.

So our big question today is: how does perfect love respond to brokenness? When we unpack our passage, we’ll see it responds with action and with sacrifice. That’s how God responds, and that’s how he’s leading us to respond as well.

Strange Stories From The Bible – August 14, 2022

1 Samuel 28

Pastor David Cay

There are some people who are so cynical that they believe that there is no real security in life, but the Bible argues that there is one place where we can find true security, and that is in our relationship with God.

Our Bible story today is one of the strangest and most interesting stories that you’ll find in the Bible, and yet it’s relatable, and it carries a deep lesson for us on the source of our security.

Strange Stories From The Bible – August 7, 2022

Job 1

Pastor David Cay

My question today is: how do we make sense of suffering? This is a huge complex question that people have been pondering for millions of years. Suffering can sometimes crush us, it can be the cause of great anxiety and uncertainty.

So today we’re going to look at the Book of Job and if we can learn the lessons that this book has for us- it could give us comfort and the tools we need in our darkest moments.

Our passage today gives us two points to remember when we are going through dark times:

1. Remember the stakes are eternal
2. Remember that God is still in control

Strange Stories from The Bible – July 10, 2022

Mark 5:1-20

Pastor David Cay

Today we are starting a new series called: Strange Stories from The Bible. In this series, we are going to look at some of the most peculiar stories that Bible has to offer- stories that have a lot to teach us. Today we’re going to look at Mark 5: 1-20. It’s a story about Jesus, Demons and Pigs.

This story may sound strange and confusing to us but this Bible story actually answers an important question for every Christian. The question we need to ask today is: what is the value of a person’s soul? We need to think about this question as Christians.

Most likely, many of us are already convinced that it’s worth the effort and sacrifice to help people find Jesus. But when it comes to actually doing this, most Christians find it’s very hard and equally discouraging when we try to bring people to faith (I get it, I’ve felt this way too).

But from my experience, if you can get past the fear and embrace the hard work that comes with it I think you’ll find that sharing your faith can be a meaningful and thrilling experience.