Abraham: Living by Faith – April 18, 2021

Genesis 19:29-36

Pastor David Cay

Life can contain a lot of pitfalls, a lot of dangerous and risky situations. We all know people who have made bad decisions and if I’m honest – I’m one of them. Many times, our mistakes are result of moral failure and looking back it would have been wise and better to avoid these potential disasters.

So my question today is: How do we avoid disaster in life?

We started answering this question last week, where we concluded that it’s important to have commitment and ambition within your relationship with God. This week, we’ll talk about two things to guard against, because these two things can really let us down.

1. We need to guard against our culture’s opinion
2. We need to guard against our own opinion.

Abraham: Living by Faith – March 21, 2021

Genesis 15:7-18

Pastor David Cay

We are going through dark and difficult times right now. If you’re not, the Bible tells us to expect hardship and trouble. It’s not a matter of if, but when.

My question today is this:
Where do we find hope in dark times? Where do we find light in the darkness?

This week’s passages teaches us two things:
1. Trouble and confusion are part of God’s plan.
2. We can be confident that God will keep his promises.

Abraham: Living by Faith – March 7, 2021

Genesis 12: 1-4

Pastor David Cay

There are churches out there that take the blessings God gives them, and use them to serve in big and bold ways. They are leading the way for other churches because Jesus said Christians should be so good that people would praise God because of us.

However, this doesn’t happen automatically. It takes a lot of intentionality, and without a clear intention and goals, we will miss out on God’s plan, and we won’t reach our full potential. Our Bible story today gives us the keys to making our lives count. We are starting a new series in the life of Abraham. Abraham’s story is a model of how we can live by faith and reach our full potential.

The Book of James: Disciplined Living – February 28, 2021

James 5:19-20

Pastor David Cay

Today, I want to talk about rescuing people spiritually. We all know someone that has wandered from the faith, and have wandered from God. If we are strong enough, we can do something about it.

The question is: how do we rescue a drifting Christian? James tells us that it is possible for any one of us to wander from the faith. If we aren’t careful we might find ourselves not connected to Jesus. This is an issue that we need to take seriously not only for ourselves but for those we serve.

The Book of James: Disciplined Living – February 14, 2021

James 4:1-10

Pastor David Cay

Good competition is a gift from God. We get to use our gifts, try our very best and sharpen each other’s skills. However, a lot of the trouble that we experience in life is from competition gone wrong. It’s when we abuse this gift.

For example, when people just want to win an argument; they talk over people and never listen. Or, when people go overboard to prove that they’re worth something or when people who want to get even. All this competition prevents us from living in peace with each other as God intended.

So my question today is how do we live in peace with each other? If we can live this out, live out God’s plan for peace, it can change not only our lives, but deeply benefit the lives of the people around us.

The Book of James: Disciplined Living – January 31, 2021

James 3:13-18

Pastor David Cay

The Christian life is a bit like growing teeth. We are either growing in the right way and in the right spot creating a great smile, or we are growing in the wrong way. The way we grow can have lasting effects in our lives.

If you grow the wrong way, you’ll spend a lot of your life wandering aimlessly. If you grow the right way, you will become all that God wants you to be. You will do really well for yourself and everyone you love.

So my question today is: how can we grow in the right way? Our passage today is telling us that we have to grow in godly wisdom. To do that:

  1. We need to grow out of the wrong wisdom that we live by.
  2. We need to grow into the right wisdom that only God can give.

The Book of James: Disciplined Living – January 17, 2021

James 1:12-15

Pastor David Cay

Despite our best laid plans, life sometimes doesn’t go the way you expect. You have all these plans, you’re excited for it, only for it to implode! It doesn’t go your way. It actually goes worse than you thought and it can hit us like a ton of bricks.

My question today: What do we do when life doesn’t go our way, when life gives us lemons?

Our passage tells us that we need to find the blessing in the trouble, and resist temptation within us.

Genesis: Starting Right – December 27, 2020

Genesis 5:3-5, 21-24

Pastor David Cay

For some of us, we go on social media and we look at people’s lives and we feel like their lives are more remarkable and impressive than our own life. We see what they have: their riches, their houses, their cars, the clothes, the fame. We can become envious of how extraordinary their lives are.
And we feel that we could never have that. We could never have an extraordinary life like that. But, the Bible suggests that we actually can live an extraordinary life.
But the question is this: What is the Bible’s definition of an extraordinary life? When we look through it, we see that the Bible’s definition is very different from our culture’s definition.

Christmas series: Advent – December 13, 2020

Luke 1:26-33,38

Pastor David Cay

We take a break from our series on Genesis for a couple of weeks to focus on Christmas.

Do you want your life to be an awesome story? And if you do, can we have an awesome story without pain or trouble? Or are they pre-requisites for a great story, for a great life? The Bible tells us that the mot blessed life is one that will have a worthy trouble. Our passage comes from Luke 1:26-33 and 38. It’s the story of the time the angel appeared to Mary.

Genesis: Starting Right – November 22, 2020

Genesis 2:2-3,15

Pastor David Cay

Today I want to ask the question: What does a healthy work life balance look like? I truly believe that work-life balance can make or break us. Some of us are so busy that we can’t rest properly, and because we’re not resting well it affects our work. I’ve been there myself, and I had to learn the hard way and it’s a place that I never want to experience again.

Thankfully, the Bible teaches us a better way to live, a way that’s healthier for us and more helpful for the people around us. We find this way in the second chapter of the Bible.