The Sermon on the Mount – May 9, 2021

Matthew 5:17-20

Pastor Tony Henshall
Lifeline Ministries, Edmonton

One thing that non-Christians know about Christians that we follow God’s rules and laws and have some type of moral code we live by.

But as Christians, how do we make sense of all the rules we have to follow?

When it comes God’s law, most Christians seem to fall into two extremes:
a) One is to live like God’s rules don’t really apply. Just believe a few things, and everything else is a suggestion.
b) The other is to be super serious about rules and apply them in a miserable way.

Either extreme misses the point and the blessings of following God’s law. The proper approach to God’s rules will empower you and give you joy.

Our Big Ideas today are that:
1. God’s Rules matter a lot, but…
2. We need to focus on the intent of the rules.

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