The Sermon on the Mount – June 13, 2021

Matthew 7:1-6

Pastor David Cay

Our culture in many ways has become very moralistic where people need to behave and believe a certain way or they will be scorned or “cancelled” (the phenomenon is called “cancel culture”). So my question today is how should we respond to the moral failures of other people?

If we are truly honest, all of us fail morally all the time! Yet Christians are well known for being judgmental!

A recent study showed that 9 out of 10 non Christians believe that the term “judgmental” accurately describes present day Christianity.

So how we respond to our question today will determine whether Christians will bring division or healing. Our passage today comes from Matthew 7: 1-6.

Our Bible passage tells us that we need to:

  1. Remember our own sin a
  2. Respond if helpful

The Sermon on the Mount – June 6, 2021

Matthew 6:1-4

Pastor Enoch Chee

When we’re not right spiritually we start chasing the wrong dreams, and we seek happiness in the wrong places, and we start missing the whole reason God put us on Earth.

On the other hand, if we can manage to stay on track with God, the Bible tells us that God will take care of us, and we’ll be okay whatever happens. And in the end everything will work out in our favor. So I believe, there’s nothing more important in life than to be on track in your relationship with God.

That leads me to my big question today. My big question is: how do we stay on track spiritually?

The Sermon on the Mount – May 30, 2021

Matthew 6:25-33

Pastor David Cay

In life, everyone wants to feel secure. Yet, for many of us we all struggle with anxiety and worry daily.

So my question today is: How can we find security? Our Bible passage comes from: Matthew 6: 25-33.

From this passage we find two keys to security, both of which are essential:

1. We need to trust God to provide.
2. We need to stay on God’s mission.

If we do both we can be completely secure.

The Sermon on the Mount – May 23, 2021

Matthew 5:38-42

Timothy Nguyen

We all know that conflict is a big part of life. We all have people we disagree with, and we all have people who hurt us. These conflicts range from annoyed glances between strangers, to full on wars between countries. How we handle those disagreements and hurts makes a ton of difference.

Our Bible passage today will teach us the best way and the Christian way, and perhaps the hardest, but also the most rewarding way.

Our big idea today is that in conflict we need to be willing to lose in order to win.

The Sermon on the Mount – May 16, 2021

Matthew 5:27-30

Pastor David Cay

Sin is like a bee or a wasp. We all have sin in our lives that are flying and hovering around us, waiting to sting us! They seem to never go away. So, we can choose to ignore it, or we can temporarily walk away and try to run from it. However, in the end, that’s not a permanent solution. We need to kill it, we need to get rid of it!

If we don’t, we’re going to get stung and it’s going to hurt. In many ways, sin is the difference between a good life and a bad life. It can determine our destiny.

So my question today is what can we do to defeat the sin we struggle and fight against each day?

Through today’s passage, Jesus tells us that the way to defeat sin is to:

1. Nip it in the bud
2. Do whatever it takes

The Sermon on the Mount – May 9, 2021

Matthew 5:17-20

Pastor Tony Henshall
Lifeline Ministries, Edmonton

One thing that non-Christians know about Christians that we follow God’s rules and laws and have some type of moral code we live by.

But as Christians, how do we make sense of all the rules we have to follow?

When it comes God’s law, most Christians seem to fall into two extremes:
a) One is to live like God’s rules don’t really apply. Just believe a few things, and everything else is a suggestion.
b) The other is to be super serious about rules and apply them in a miserable way.

Either extreme misses the point and the blessings of following God’s law. The proper approach to God’s rules will empower you and give you joy.

Our Big Ideas today are that:
1. God’s Rules matter a lot, but…
2. We need to focus on the intent of the rules.

The Sermon on the Mount – May 2, 2021

Matthew 5:13-16

Pastor David Cay

We start a new series looking at Jesus’ sermon on the Mount of Beatitudes.

We all need to find our place in the world. Often, people around me ask me questions like, “Am I where I should be?” or “Am I doing what I should be doing?” We find our answer today in our passage: Matthew 5:13​-16.

Our Bible Passage today tells us that no matter the stage of life we find ourselves in, no matter our line of work, Christians are made to be a positive influence wherever they are.

Our big idea today is that God has put us on earth to make an impact, and to inspire a desire for God.