The Ten Commandments – February 6, 2022

Exodus 20:16

Pastor Tony Henshall
Lifeline Ministries Edmonton

My question for today is: How can we control our most powerful ability as human beings?

We’re closer to superheroes than you might think. If you know how to use your most powerful ability, there is no telling how much of a difference you can make, and how much you can help others, and how fulfilled your life can be.

Our most powerful ability as human beings is to use eords. Words can have incredible destructive power. Words can wound people, destroy reputations, and end marriages. Words can mislead whole societies. Words can cause nations to go to war. In fact, just a one word tweet by Elon Musk can totally alter or even overthrow financial markets.

On the other hand, words can bring friendship and laughter. The words of the gospel can literally change a person’s eternity. So, we have no greater power as human beings, and we need to learn how to use our words well. For that, we turn to the ten commandments.

Today we’re talking about the 9th commandment, from Exodus 20:16, which says:
“You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.”

Most people think this commandment is just about not lying. But today, I want to help us see, that there is so much more to it than just that.

The Ten Commandments – January 30, 2022

Exodus 20:15

Pastor David Cay

The way we handle our possessions is vital for our mission and fortunately God has given us a plan for our possessions.

Today we are unpacking another one of the Ten Commandments, it’s found in Exodus 20:15. It says:

“You shall not steal”

When we understand this commandment fully we’ll see that God wants us to start with fairness, but he wants us to go on to generosity.

The Ten Commandments – January 23, 2022

Exodus 20:14

Pastor Tim Nguyen

Adultery is where people sleep around with others and betray their marriages.

We read this commandment, and we are so fast to just move on because it’s like the biggest “DUH” ever. No one gets into a serious relationship or a marriage and thinks, “Huhu, hey I’m going to cheat on this person.” But I think this needs a second look because the reality is.. It happens. And it happens so frequently too.

But there’s more to this commandment. To understand it properly, we need to understand what it’s doing in the Ten Commandments. As we’ve been going through the ten commandments, it’s more than just random rules. We see it as God claiming control and sovereignty over all dimensions of our lives. And in this commandment about adultery, the full meaning is that we need to give God control of our whole love life, not just the physical part, but also the emotions and the thoughts. That’s how Jesus reads this commandment.

The Ten Commandments – January 16, 2022

Exodus 20:13

Pastor David Cay

In our culture today, there is not much of a consensus of what duty means especially when it comes to our duty to our neighbors. The Bible, however, tells us pretty clearly what our duties are, especially for our neighbors. So my question today is this: what is our duty to our neighbor?

Our passage is a very short one- it comes from Exodus 20:13: “You shall not murder”. So today we are going to unpack this verse in light of the whole Bible and all of its nuances. We’re going to see that this commandment applies to us much more than we think.

But simply put, our passage today tells us that our most vital duty to our neighbor is to safeguard both their physical and spiritual life.

The Ten Commandments – January 9, 2021

Exodus 20:12

Pastor Timothy Nguyen

Today, we’re talking about parents. We’re continuing our series on The Ten Commandments, and instead of just viewing these as seemingly random rules to memorize and follow, we’re looking at each one as a different dimension in life that God is claiming sovereignty and control over.

God’s showing us how to live in step with him with our WHOLE lives rather than just our Sunday mornings. Last week, David talked about how God stakes a claim over our time. And this week, we see how we can love and worship God through our family life.

I’ll be focusing on our relationship with our parents today, but you’ll find that a lot of these principles apply to other members of your family too.

The Ten Commandments – January 2, 2022

Exodus 20:8-11

Pastor David Cay

We are starting a new series on the 10 Commandments, but we are starting out of order, we are going to start with commandments 4 to 10 which talks about loving your neighbor and then in February we are going to finish off with Commandments 1-3.

Many of us have schedules that are so busy that it’s taking a toll on our lives: mentally, physically and emotionally. We are in hurry all the time; we’re filled with anxiety and fear because we feel there’s not enough time. Our schedules are so busy that it’s unsustainable to continue to live this way.

We know deep down in our souls that something is terribly wrong. Life has to consist of more than just hurrying to do one thing after another. There has to be a better way to live- that’s better for ourselves and better for our neighbors. So my question today is: What is God’s plan for our schedule?