The Ten Commandments – January 23, 2022

Exodus 20:14

Pastor Tim Nguyen

Adultery is where people sleep around with others and betray their marriages.

We read this commandment, and we are so fast to just move on because it’s like the biggest “DUH” ever. No one gets into a serious relationship or a marriage and thinks, “Huhu, hey I’m going to cheat on this person.” But I think this needs a second look because the reality is.. It happens. And it happens so frequently too.

But there’s more to this commandment. To understand it properly, we need to understand what it’s doing in the Ten Commandments. As we’ve been going through the ten commandments, it’s more than just random rules. We see it as God claiming control and sovereignty over all dimensions of our lives. And in this commandment about adultery, the full meaning is that we need to give God control of our whole love life, not just the physical part, but also the emotions and the thoughts. That’s how Jesus reads this commandment.

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