Genesis: Starting Right – January 3, 2021

Genesis 6

Pastor Enoch Chee

What’s the best way to adapt to change? I believe this is a super important question, not just because we are in a pandemic, but also because we live in a world that is changing really fast. I think about the rise of artificial intelligence and how I expect my children to grow up in an age of super intelligent computers and super high quality entertainment. And with the new technology there will be more temptations and more ways to go wrong.

So the world is changing. Fortunately for us, the Bible gives us the tools we need to handle a changing world. In a changing world, we need to:

  1. UNDERSTAND what God says
  2. DO what God says

Genesis: Starting Right – December 27, 2020

Genesis 5:3-5, 21-24

Pastor David Cay

For some of us, we go on social media and we look at people’s lives and we feel like their lives are more remarkable and impressive than our own life. We see what they have: their riches, their houses, their cars, the clothes, the fame. We can become envious of how extraordinary their lives are.
And we feel that we could never have that. We could never have an extraordinary life like that. But, the Bible suggests that we actually can live an extraordinary life.
But the question is this: What is the Bible’s definition of an extraordinary life? When we look through it, we see that the Bible’s definition is very different from our culture’s definition.

Genesis: Starting Right – December 6, 2020

Genesis: 4:2-7

Pastor Enoch Chee

Does the Christian life have to be hard? I think this is an important question because a lot of Christians try to find a way out of the difficulty. But if it’s inevitably hard, then our strategy changes to making the most out of it. And we don’t try to be comfortable, but instead we look for a reason to get past the suffering, and equip ourselves with resources to succeed. Our Bible story today answers our question.

Our story is about two brothers, Cain and Abel. They were the first children of Adam and Eve, and they were born right after their parents messed up in the garden. So at this point in the story, sin had entered the world, but not everything was broken yet. And everyone still had a relationship with God. But as we’ll see, Cain and Abel had two different kinds of relationship with God.

Genesis: Starting Right – November 29, 2020

Genesis 3:1-6

Tim Nguyen

We all make mistakes. Some mistakes, they’re great party stories. Other mistakes are embarrassing and make you blush. And some are really serious and costly. But some of the most costly mistakes people make are in their spiritual life.

See, our spiritual life determines the whole direction of our life, and a lot of people end up going the wrong direction in life, and that leads to a lot of regret. Thankfully, our Bible tells us how to avoid most spiritual mistakes so that we can live this meaningful, fulfilling and purposeful life where we can help others.

So in order to avoid making spiritual mistakes, we’re going to point out HOW we make spiritual mistakes.

That’s our question today: How do we make spiritual mistakes? Our answer is:

  1. By listening to lies.
  2. By ignoring the truth.

Genesis: Starting Right – November 22, 2020

Genesis 2:2-3,15

Pastor David Cay

Today I want to ask the question: What does a healthy work life balance look like? I truly believe that work-life balance can make or break us. Some of us are so busy that we can’t rest properly, and because we’re not resting well it affects our work. I’ve been there myself, and I had to learn the hard way and it’s a place that I never want to experience again.

Thankfully, the Bible teaches us a better way to live, a way that’s healthier for us and more helpful for the people around us. We find this way in the second chapter of the Bible.

Genesis: Starting Right – November 15, 2020

Genesis 1:26-28

“The Meaning of Life” – Tim Nguyen

So today, I want to ask the biggest “why” question of life.

Why do we live? In other words, what is the meaning of life?

Different people have different answers. Some people say there’s no way of knowing. Or, it means what you make it to mean. But our Bible passage gives us a more satisfying answer! And it’s an answer that motivates us to live a life that is meaningful, effective and enjoyable. Even the most mature Christian needs to apply this answer to their lives better.