Genesis: Starting Right – November 29, 2020

Genesis 3:1-6

Tim Nguyen

We all make mistakes. Some mistakes, they’re great party stories. Other mistakes are embarrassing and make you blush. And some are really serious and costly. But some of the most costly mistakes people make are in their spiritual life.

See, our spiritual life determines the whole direction of our life, and a lot of people end up going the wrong direction in life, and that leads to a lot of regret. Thankfully, our Bible tells us how to avoid most spiritual mistakes so that we can live this meaningful, fulfilling and purposeful life where we can help others.

So in order to avoid making spiritual mistakes, we’re going to point out HOW we make spiritual mistakes.

That’s our question today: How do we make spiritual mistakes? Our answer is:

  1. By listening to lies.
  2. By ignoring the truth.

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