Genesis: Starting Right – December 6, 2020

Genesis: 4:2-7

Pastor Enoch Chee

Does the Christian life have to be hard? I think this is an important question because a lot of Christians try to find a way out of the difficulty. But if it’s inevitably hard, then our strategy changes to making the most out of it. And we don’t try to be comfortable, but instead we look for a reason to get past the suffering, and equip ourselves with resources to succeed. Our Bible story today answers our question.

Our story is about two brothers, Cain and Abel. They were the first children of Adam and Eve, and they were born right after their parents messed up in the garden. So at this point in the story, sin had entered the world, but not everything was broken yet. And everyone still had a relationship with God. But as we’ll see, Cain and Abel had two different kinds of relationship with God.

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