Jeremiah: A Story of Perseverance – September 27, 2020

Jeremiah 29:4-7

Pastor David Cay

As Christians we are called to be the best citizens- we are called to be great neighbors to others. We’re supposed to be the Good Samaritan in the famous parable told by Jesus. This is the Christian standard to show radical love to our neighbors even to the degree that it shocks people.

But research shows that Christians are better known for being hypocritical and judgmental – which makes us exactly the kinds of neighbors people don’t like or want. Our sermon today will address two mistakes that prevent us from being great neighbors.

These are the same two mistakes that the ancient Hebrews were prone to in our Bible story.

Jeremiah: A Story of Perseverance – September 20, 2020

Jeremiah 9:24, 22:15-16

Tim Nguyen

How do we know that we know God?

  1. To know God means to see the goodness of God, so practice your mind and eyes to be aware of his grace all around.
  2. To know God means to mirror the goodness of God, because nothing else makes sense to a person who knows God. To mirror God’s kindness, justice, and righteousness is the most rewarding lifestyle a Christian could have.

Jeremiah: A Story of Perserverance – September 6, 2020

Jeremiah 2:13

Pastor David Cay

Jeremiah lived in a time when Gods’ people were not living right, they were so corrupt that God had to judge them and take away their homeland. There were all kinds of terrible stuff going on like lots of injustice and horrible things like child sacrifice.
But everything boiled down to one mistake: Idolatry. And this is the same mistake for us as well.

Jeremiah: A Story of Perseverance – August 30, 2020

Jeremiah 1:4-8

This week, we’re starting a new series in the book of Jeremiah. And if you’re curious about the timeline, Jeremiah actually takes place before our Nehemiah and Esther series, and it puts us right before Daniel. Right before Babylon takes over Judah. So we’re going a little bit backwards but that’s ok. Think of it as a flashback. Jeremiah’s a book written to people like you and me. People meant to have a relationship with God in hard times. See, our hero of our series is Jeremiah. And he will show us what faithfulness looks like in times of hopelessness.

It’s a story of perseverance. Where he loves and obeys God and yet there is no successful results. But God was deeply pleased with him and blesses him for his faithfulness. And we learn something valuable from that! That sometimes, even when we do what’s right, the result may be more trouble but making pleasing God is our best chance for our own happiness.