The Book of 1st Peter: Resilience – November 21, 2021

1 Peter 3:1-7

Pastor Enoch Chee

I believe as Christians we have a secret weapon for the best possible relationships, and that secret weapon is our relationship with God. Our relationship with God gives us resources that nobody else has. And we take these resources to build great relationships that will increase our quality of life and strengthen us to help people. Our relationships can be so good that other people will want what we have, and we’ll be able to tell them our secret is Jesus. So it’s really important as Christians to get our relationships right.

My big idea today is, we can build every relationship around God. That’s the secret.

We can build every relationship with God whether the other person wants to cooperate or not. If The other person doesn’t want to cooperate, we can have God-centered independence. And if the other person does want to cooperate, we can have God-centered partnership.

Genesis: Chosen to Be a Blessing – September 26, 2021

Genesis 35:1-5

Pastor Enoch Chee

Today, I want to talk about a relationship that does count. I want to talk about our relationship with God. Over the years I’ve talked to a lot of Christians, and I find that typically people’s relationship with God is not going so well. People have ideas for what to do in the relationship with God. They’ll read the Bible or they’ll pray, or they will help out at church, but often times a Christian will feel stuck no matter what they do. They’ll feel it there’s not a lot of power, not a lot of impact. Not a lot of joy. And some Christians resign themselves and think, well that’s as good as it gets. But I disagree. I do believe that a great relationship with God is possible.

I’m talking about a relationship where we are working with God all day and doing acts of courage and justice and loving people and being loved in return; experiencing answered prayer and seeing the biblical promises come true in your own experience. I’m talking about impacting history and eternity. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not an easy life. And it will cost us a lot personally. But I am convinced it is the best life out here. There’s literally nothing better than a good relationship with God, and it’s possible for all of us to have it.

Our Bible story today gives us two keys to a great relationship with God. My big question today is:

How can we have a great relationship with God?

Our passage teaches us two keys.

  1. We need to obey fully.
  2. We need to take out the “trash”.

Titus: Building Community – August 1, 2021

Titus 1:5

Pastor Enoch Chee

We’re starting a new sermon series today in the book of Titus. The book was written by the apostle Paul. Paul was possibly the greatest Christian to have ever lived. He was certainly one of the greatest leaders in church history. And Paul had certain advantages over a regular person.

God was with Paul in special ways so that he could do miracles seemingly on demand. He also had access to supernatural wisdom and knowledge. Time and again, he showed that he could speak for God, which is why the church recognized his writings as inspired Scripture.

Paul was special, but he was just one person, and part of the genius of Paul was that he gathered people around him to share the work. One of his coworkers was a guy named Titus.

The story goes that one time Paul was visiting the island of Crete with Titus. They were working with the Christians there, but there was a ton of work to do, because the churches in Crete were in really rough shape.

So Paul left Titus on that island to find leaders for those churches. Leaders who had a proven track record, especially in their home life.

So my big idea for today is: To prepare for leadership, we need to control our vices, and build our virtues.

The Sermon on the Mount – June 6, 2021

Matthew 6:1-4

Pastor Enoch Chee

When we’re not right spiritually we start chasing the wrong dreams, and we seek happiness in the wrong places, and we start missing the whole reason God put us on Earth.

On the other hand, if we can manage to stay on track with God, the Bible tells us that God will take care of us, and we’ll be okay whatever happens. And in the end everything will work out in our favor. So I believe, there’s nothing more important in life than to be on track in your relationship with God.

That leads me to my big question today. My big question is: how do we stay on track spiritually?

Abraham: Living by Faith – April 11, 2021

Genesis 19:15-17; 19:23-36

Pastor Enoch Chee

Today I want to tell the story of a man named Lot. It’s the story of an ordinary guy. Lot had a relationship with God, but he wasn’t like one of those super Christians. He was more like an average Christian.

Lot’s story teaches us two keys to avoiding disaster.

The first key is COMMITMENT.
The story of Lot reminds us that God’s way costs us everything. And there is no light option for the Christian life. But if we would commit fully to God’s plan for us we will find grace and security even in our darkest moments.

The second key to avoiding disaster is AMBITION.
To have eyes forward into God’s plan for us. To commit to making the most of the lifestyle that God wants you to live. To dream of things that make sense in eternity.

Let’s talk about big ideas and big dreams and you’ll probably be surprised at how powerful and accomplished it can be if you put your mind to it.

The Book of James: Disciplined Living – February 21, 2021

James 4:13-17

Pastor Enoch Chee

If you read through the book, you’ll find that James is super aggressive, and he gets in your face. It always feels like he’s yelling at you. We might be tempted to take offense at his tone and just stop reading. However, we need his words because the Christian life is hard. There’s disappointment and suffering and people give up. So, James gives us hard words because he cares about us and he wants us to succeed. I think we will succeed if we learn the lesson he’s trying to teach us.

Today, James’ lesson is about making plans. Great plans. Life changing plans. The kinds of plans that we make for our career and our schooling and our finances and our love life and our family and our retirement. Plans that matter.

Genesis: Starting Right – January 3, 2021

Genesis 6

Pastor Enoch Chee

What’s the best way to adapt to change? I believe this is a super important question, not just because we are in a pandemic, but also because we live in a world that is changing really fast. I think about the rise of artificial intelligence and how I expect my children to grow up in an age of super intelligent computers and super high quality entertainment. And with the new technology there will be more temptations and more ways to go wrong.

So the world is changing. Fortunately for us, the Bible gives us the tools we need to handle a changing world. In a changing world, we need to:

  1. UNDERSTAND what God says
  2. DO what God says

Genesis: Starting Right – December 6, 2020

Genesis: 4:2-7

Pastor Enoch Chee

Does the Christian life have to be hard? I think this is an important question because a lot of Christians try to find a way out of the difficulty. But if it’s inevitably hard, then our strategy changes to making the most out of it. And we don’t try to be comfortable, but instead we look for a reason to get past the suffering, and equip ourselves with resources to succeed. Our Bible story today answers our question.

Our story is about two brothers, Cain and Abel. They were the first children of Adam and Eve, and they were born right after their parents messed up in the garden. So at this point in the story, sin had entered the world, but not everything was broken yet. And everyone still had a relationship with God. But as we’ll see, Cain and Abel had two different kinds of relationship with God.

Parables: Stories to Challenge Culture – October 18, 2020

Luke 11:1-9

Pastor Enoch Chee

Is there a prayer that God always answers? My answer is twofold:

  1. Yes there is a prayer that God always answers. There is a prayer that God always honors and he gives us what we ask for, when we ask from our heart.
  2. The prayer that God always answers is the Lord’s prayer.
    My goal is to show you these ideas from the teachings of Jesus.