Christmas – December 25, 2022

Revelation 12: 1-5

Pastor Enoch Chee

You might remember the Bible stories with the Shepherds and the angels and the baby and animals. And they’re good stories and important stories. But if you want to feel the power of Christmas, you need to look at the parts of the Christmas story that are dark and scary and sad. Because only when we bring up those parts of the Christmas story can we feel the power of the Christmas story in our own lives, especially in our own darkest moments.

So my question today is, what is the full meaning of Christmas?

I want to show you that Christmas is God’s answer to evil. Once again, Christmas is God’s answer to evil. And if we want to feel the power of the Christmas story we need to remember what is evil and we need to remember the savior.

Dealing With Distractions – November 27, 2022

Matthew 4:5-7

Pastor Enoch Chee

We run into moments when we’re not in control, and it’s uncomfortable because it feels like our life is hanging in the balance. And those moments can be so uncomfortable that some people really try to avoid those moments. And they end up missing out on things. But fortunately as Christians the Bible teaches us a way for us to be completely secure in any circumstance. And if we can experience this security we can live with greater courage and make a greater difference for greater joy.

So, my question today is: how can we experience true security? As usual, we find our answer in the Bible.

Our Bible passage today comes from The Book of Matthew chapter 4. It talks about the second of three temptations that Jesus experienced in the wilderness.

The Adventures of Paul – October 16, 2022

Acts 9:10-18

Pastor Enoch Chee

I want to ask, How can we know what to do? I’m talking about the art of decision making. Obviously we all have to make decisions. Some decisions are relatively small like what to do with a twenty dollar bill. And other decisions are a lot bigger. We have decisions for school and work and relationships and family and lifestyle. Decisions that shape our lives and affect other people. And, so much depends on our ability to make decisions. But fortunately for us, the Bible gives us the tools we need in order to make great decisions.

I believe between these two kinds of directions, we can always know what to do at any moment. We might not know what we should do tomorrow, or next year. We might not make the most efficient plan. We might still have setbacks. BUT I believe we can all know what God wants us to do at this moment. And in any moment we can live with divine wisdom. And over time if we listen to divine wisdom, we can live our best life.

And so I have two points to make from our Bible story today .

1. God gives us specific directions

2. God gives us general directions.

The Adventures of Paul – October 2, 2022

Acts 7:58

Pastor Enoch Chee

I find that even when we are older we still need to ask questions, because there are still things to learn. And there’s important knowledge out there. Knowledge that would make our lives better. Which brings me to my main question today, how can we save a soul? In other words, how can we help people to find new life in a relationship with God?

I think most Christians would agree it would be great to help someone find new life with God and live forever. And it would be especially great if we’re helping people who are close to us, like our family and friends.

But the problem is, most of the time we don’t see a way to convince people to believe what we do. And it can be discouraging. And it’s normal to be completely stuck when it comes to having those really important conversations about faith. And I get stuck too. But our Bible story today gives us some underrated tools for helping people to start a relationship with God.

My big idea today is, we can help people with EVIDENCE and with EXAMPLE. And our Bible story today teaches us these tools.

Strange Stories From The Bible – September 4, 2022

Revelation 1:9-18

Pastor Enoch Chee

Some of us are going through a difficult season and the trouble just keeps coming. And it feels unfair and pointless. And we’re praying about it but God doesn’t seem to be doing anything.

Which leads me to my question today. I want to ask: Where is God when we need him?

I think all of us will have to answer this question sooner or later, because all of us will go through times when life feels unfair and even cruel. And in those times our understanding of God makes a big difference. Some people get angry at God or they lose faith and they stop following Jesus. But if you can answer our question well, you can find peace and courage, and direction when life gets really difficult.

So once again my question is, where is God when we need him? My answer is that when we need him, God is near, and God is powerful. And my goal is to show you this answer from the Bible.

Lessons From The Desert – May 22, 2022

Numbers 6

Pastor Enoch Chee

Some of us are going through trouble in life. And it feels unfair or it feels like it never ends. And we’re wondering, what is God doing? We thought he was looking out for us! But sometimes life makes no sense.

Which leads me to my big question today. I want to ask, what can we know about God’s plan for our future? I believe if we can answer this question, we’ll be able to live more boldly with more courage and less anxiety. So as always let’s turn to the Bible for our answer.

Lessons From The Desert – May 1, 2022

Numbers 13

Pastor Enoch Chee

As Christians there are things we can do to get stronger and healthier spiritually.

I believe if you understand WHY we train spiritually, you’ll have a much better chance of sticking to a good routine. Because when you understand what’s going on spiritually, you will see your life does depend on your spiritual fitness. And not only your life but the lives of people around you.

So my question is, why should we train spiritually? And the answer I want to show you is that We train to SEE and INFLUENCE in life- changing ways.

Dealing with Pain in our Lives – December 26, 2021

John 11:1-16

Pastor Enoch Chee

This week our church community experienced great sadness as we mourned the loss of one of our own. Pastor Enoch Chee takes us through the story of Lazarus in The Book of John, Chapter 11, and shows us how the Bible teaches us about dealing with the pain the we hold in our lives.