Knowing Jesus Personally – July 30, 2023

John 15:1

Pastor David Cay

A recent study found that the average iPhone user is on their phone for two and half hours over seventy-six sessions. Another study on millennials put the number at twice that!

Can you imagine how much you could get done if you had another two and a half more hours in a day? Or if you were interrupted 76 less times?

But whenever I’m away from my phone, I feel angst like I feel I’m missing out on a WhatsApp message, or I’m missing breaking news on Twitter.

For some of us it’s playing a game or checking YouTube and Tik Tok (Instagram, Snap Chat), and before you know it you look at the clock and you’ve wasted so much time. You’ve lost so much time to this black hole called our phone.

Itt’s not just the phone, but people waste time in all kinds of ways. It might be a toxic relationship, or wasting time on some achievement that in the end doesn’t fill your soul.

It happens to us even though it’s the opposite of what we want. Most of us have a good desire to make a difference in the world. We want to make a difference through our work, family, and relationships.

We don’t want to waste our lives So my question today is: How can we get the right things done so our lives are full of meaning and purpose?

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