Christmas – December 18, 2022

Matthew 1:18-25

Pastor David Cay

First impressions are like that sometimes, we can think a certain way about a person only to find out later we were super wrong. And it’s like that with Jesus, people have a certain first impression of Him.

Some people have this impression that he’s just a good teacher or he’s just a nice guy. Some people think he’s more of a legend than historical. Our Bible story today is about a man who at first got the wrong impression of Jesus.

But when he found out the truth about Jesus, it not only changed his life, but it changed the course of history.

In our story Joseph learned two things about Jesus that changed his life for the better, and it should change ours too:

1. Jesus is the sinless God

2. Jesus saves us from our sins

So, I’ll spend my time today unpacking these ideas from our Bible story.

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