The Life of David – May 5, 2019

2 Samuel 1:17-25

Pastor Enoch Chee continues our series on “The Life of David”. In this sermon, Pastor Enoch talks about how a bit of influence as a Christian can make an enormous difference to the people around them, and the two ways a follower can influence those around them.

The Life of David – Apr 28, 2019

1 Samuel 30:1-6

We continue our series on The Life of David with a look through the first few verses of 1 Samuel 30. Pastor David Cay discusses the ways in which we can find strength through God, especially through life’s difficult times.

The Life of David – Mar 24, 2019

1 Samuel 17

Pastor Enoch Chee talks about 1 Samuel 17, and discusses the following points:

– God is leading us into a faith that disagrees with a faithless culture.
– God is leading us into a faith that exploits your chance to make a difference.