Parables: Stories to Challenge Culture – November 8, 2020

Luke 15

Pastor David Cay

Today I want to talk about choices, the choices we make every single day. There are some choices that don’t make much of a difference like what we eat at a buffet. But some choices really do matter.

One of the most important choices that can Christian make is deciding what kind of Christian we want to be? Our Bible story suggests that there are three kinds of Christians — three general mindsets for the Christian life.

Parables: Stories to Challenge Culture – October 25, 2020

Luke 15:1-10

Pastor David Cay

You are so important to God that he will do anything to find you! He would even sacrifice his own life and suffer a horrible death on a cross just so that He could be with us.

But after he finds us, we need to realize that it’s not the end of the story! It doesn’t just end at salvation and having a relationship with God. No, we get to join God in His mission! We get to help other people start a relationship with God.

This mission gives our lives meaning, unfortunately many Christians have forgotten or have left God’s mission behind, and they really miss out on the adventure!

Today I want to share two stories from the Bible about God’s passion for people. These stories are not only about what God does for us, but they’re also about the mission that God is inviting us on. The stories are known as the parable of the lost sheep and the lost coin.

Parables: Stories to Challenge Culture – October 18, 2020

Luke 11:1-9

Pastor Enoch Chee

Is there a prayer that God always answers? My answer is twofold:

  1. Yes there is a prayer that God always answers. There is a prayer that God always honors and he gives us what we ask for, when we ask from our heart.
  2. The prayer that God always answers is the Lord’s prayer.
    My goal is to show you these ideas from the teachings of Jesus.

Parables: Stories to Challenge Culture – October 11, 2020

Luke 10:30-37

Pastor David Cay

Spiritual stagnation is serious. It should be a crisis when we stop growing spiritually. The impact that we can have is closely tied to whether or not we are growing spiritually for we were put on this earth to make a difference and for eternity.

So how do we know we are growing spiritually? Two words: radical love. Our Bible story tells us that God is making us into people marked by radical love. We measure our spiritual progress by our growth in our love for people.

Parables: Stories to Challenge Culture – October 4, 2020

Luke 5:36-39

Tim Nguyen

How can we be efficient at life? To be efficient at life, we need an efficient mindset.

  1. Be single-minded in your lifestyle, and we can do this by planning our time and checking that our plan makes sense with our relationship with God.
  2. Be open-minded in theory, and we can do this by following the evidence where it leads, which not only helps us to find the truth, but we can help others as well.