Relationships: Lessons from the Song of Songs – June 11, 2023

Song of Songs 8:6-7

Pastor Tim Nguyen

These past few weeks, we’ve been going through a series on love and romance. And we’ve been talking about how wonderful and beautiful love is… but as I was thinking about it this past week, love is also really weird. It makes weird things happen, like if you took a magnet to a compass and the compass just goes out of whack. That’s what love does sometimes!

Well, depends what you mean by love. So many people have different ideas about love.

There’s a love people use to describe things and food. There’s another love that is obsessive. There’s a love that only acts as a remedy for loneliness. There’s a love of convenience. And finally, a love that comes at us like a tornado and sweeps up off our feet and twirls us around and it’s the greatest feeling in the world… But just for a moment before it spits us out more disappointed than before. These all fail.

So our question today is,

Is there a kind of love that satisfies and completes us?

Relationships: Lessons from the Song of Songs – June 4, 2023

Song of Songs 2:1-7

Pastor David Cay

Romance is a huge part of our culture. We are inundated with it since childhood, just think about Disney movies and the “happy ever after” narrative. But as we all have seen and experienced, it doesn’t always happen that way. Many times, we see the exact opposite! We see heartbreak and pain.

Just because people fall in love doesn’t mean they will have a great romance. So, my question today is: What makes a great romance?

Our passage today gives us two principles for a great romance:

  1. Loyalty
  2. Intensity.

These two principles are important to any situation. So, if you’re young, we can prepare for it. If you’re in a dating relationship, you can cultivate it. If you’re married, you can maintain it or try to repair it.

Relationships: Lessons from the Song of Songs – May 28, 2023

Song of Songs 1:1-8

Pastor Enoch Chee

What if there is a better love song? A song that guides us into the right relationships and shows us what good romance looks like? What if there’s a song that will help young people find the right one for them? And what if the same song can help couples keep the romance alive for the long term? What if this same song can help anyone to find love in their own contexts, and it can help even the people who are headed toward a life of singleness? I believe there is such a song and this song is right in the Bible.

So my main question today is: How can we have a great love life?

My answer that I’ve learned from the Song of Songs is that we need to take initiative. And taking initiative means two things.

  1. We need to choose love
  2. We need to face the obstacles

And I believe all of us can do these two things and benefit from God’s wisdom for us. My task today is to take you through the story of Song of Songs so that you see this answer for yourself straight from the Bible.

The Book of Nehemiah – May 21, 2023

Nehemiah 13:6-12

Pastor David Cay

We are all a part of groups. Many of us have groups at work. At church we have groups (youth, tech), and many of us spend a lot of time with friends and family, so we have groups of people that are close to us. But not all groups are healthy.

You probably know how it feels like to experience a bad group. People fight, people are stressed, and they fail to live up to their responsibilities. But the Bible gives us wisdom to help our groups succeed. And if we follow that wisdom, we’ll all be better off.

So, my question today is: How can we help a group succeed? We’ll see today that there are two gifts that we can give to our groups: the gift of stability, and the gift of correction.

The Book of Nehemiah – May 14, 2023

Nehemiah 8:8-17

Pastor Tim Nguyen

Some people read the Bible and they become these really gross monsters that just judge and shame other people. Or some people even use the bible to justify doing whatever they want because Jesus loves them and will forgive them. Why is that? Aren’t we supposed to come out better after experiencing God’s words?

I think the problem is, it’s easy to misunderstand what God has said in the Bible. It’s an ancient book, from a different time and culture, with a complicated story, and unusual language. But I’ve seen that when people really take the time to understand what God is saying, there’s power in his words. Power that leads to transformed lives, and God helps us to do things that we would never be able to do on our own – if we go through the trouble to understand what he’s saying.

That leads me to our main question today; How do we know we have understood God’s words?

The Book of Nehemiah – April 30, 2023

Nehemiah 2:11-18

Pastor Tim Nguyen

There will be times in your life, where God places such a big issue on your heart. Things that may break your heart or people you feel so much compassion towards… But oftentimes, that thing is so big that you can’t handle it by yourself.

You can only do it working together with others. Things like fighting local injustices for vulnerable peoples. Or perhaps it’s discipling new Christians, or even figuring out how to introduce your group of friends to Jesus.

Burdens like these are so important because it’s life changing for many but they’re too big to do alone. So it’s important that you are able to influence others towards things that matter. But how do we do that?

That’s our question today: How can we influence people to action? We’ll see our answer in the story of Nehemiah.

The Book of Nehemiah – April 23, 2023

Nehemiah 1:1-11

Pastor David Cay

My question today is What is the most we can do with our life? A life that makes a great difference doesn’t just come automatically. Many Christians just want to live a life of comfort and self preservation. But the Bible gives us examples of people like us who made a serious difference in their world.

So, our new series is called Difference Makers. We’ll be following the adventures of a guy named Nehemiah. At the start of the story, Nehemiah is in a position of comfort and privilege he could have taken the easy road and live a comfortable life.

But he sets out to do something about a problem that is close to his heart.

Easter Message – April 9, 2023

Matthew 28:1-10

Pastor David Cay

Some would probably think resurrection is fictional and mere fantasy but what if it’s not? What if the resurrection that Christians have been celebrating for 2000 years is real history- that Jesus did indeed rise from the dead. What would that mean for us?

So, my big question today is: What difference does the resurrection make? We’ll see our answer in today’s Bible passage. Let’s read from Matthew 28:1-10, the story of two women who went to visit Jesus’ grave.