What is a good dream for life? – Jan 19, 2020

Luke 14:28-33

How do you want to spend the time that you have in life? Would you want to spend your time and resources on things on Earth that make you feel good and give you good memories, or would you want to spend it all on something that lasts forever?

Tim Nguyen from Lighthouse Community Church talks about this idea as he takes us through Luke 14:28-33.

The Great Banquet – Jan 5, 2020

Luke 14:15-20

God is inviting us to a banquet – an invitation that we need to jump on and seize! But some of us aren’t getting ready; we are too distracted. Some of us don’t even know that there is a banquet happening, we are too busy.

Pastor David Cay takes us through the 14th chapter of Luke and shows us that if we are too busy making excuses with things that are not of God, then we could be in danger of missing the banquet. If, however, we do seize the opportunity and get ourselves ready for the banquet, it will be totally worth it.