Titus: Building Community – August 1, 2021

Titus 1:5

Pastor Enoch Chee

We’re starting a new sermon series today in the book of Titus. The book was written by the apostle Paul. Paul was possibly the greatest Christian to have ever lived. He was certainly one of the greatest leaders in church history. And Paul had certain advantages over a regular person.

God was with Paul in special ways so that he could do miracles seemingly on demand. He also had access to supernatural wisdom and knowledge. Time and again, he showed that he could speak for God, which is why the church recognized his writings as inspired Scripture.

Paul was special, but he was just one person, and part of the genius of Paul was that he gathered people around him to share the work. One of his coworkers was a guy named Titus.

The story goes that one time Paul was visiting the island of Crete with Titus. They were working with the Christians there, but there was a ton of work to do, because the churches in Crete were in really rough shape.

So Paul left Titus on that island to find leaders for those churches. Leaders who had a proven track record, especially in their home life.

So my big idea for today is: To prepare for leadership, we need to control our vices, and build our virtues.

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