The Book of 1st Peter: Resilience – November 21, 2021

1 Peter 3:1-7

Pastor Enoch Chee

I believe as Christians we have a secret weapon for the best possible relationships, and that secret weapon is our relationship with God. Our relationship with God gives us resources that nobody else has. And we take these resources to build great relationships that will increase our quality of life and strengthen us to help people. Our relationships can be so good that other people will want what we have, and we’ll be able to tell them our secret is Jesus. So it’s really important as Christians to get our relationships right.

My big idea today is, we can build every relationship around God. That’s the secret.

We can build every relationship with God whether the other person wants to cooperate or not. If The other person doesn’t want to cooperate, we can have God-centered independence. And if the other person does want to cooperate, we can have God-centered partnership.

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