Romans: Back to Basics – October 22, 2023

Romans 11:33-12-2

Pastor David Cay

It’s normal to feel uncomfortable when we follow Jesus. As a result, some Christians respond by only do the bare minimum like attending church only. We skip the hard stuff that costs us more.

That’s like stepping onto an escalator with one foot and the other foot dragging on the ground. If we only follow Jesus halfway, it could end up hurting us even more. However, if we have the right attitude, if we can truly understand and appreciate what God has done for us, we’ll have a lot more peace and motivation to follow Him when it is scary.

So, my question today is: what is the most helpful attitude for followers of Jesus?

Our Bible passage today tell us that to have a better attitude we need to revel in the grace of the savior, so that we can follow him happily as our Lord.

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