Psalms: Poetry To Shape The Imagination – January 15, 2023

Psalm 148

Pastor David Cay

Sooner or later we asked ourselves the questions “what am I doing? Why am I even here?”. It might happen in school, or in a relationship or in a career.

If you don’t find an answer, you’ll be tempted to give up or you may even become bitter at your own life. But our Bible passage today gives us an answer to why we’re here – it gives us a clear idea on why God put us on this earth. And if we can get this, we can have the right perspective on all kinds of things.

Things like why are we in school, or why are we at our job, or why are we in this romantic relationship.

So, my big idea today is that God made us for two things:

1. God made us to glorify him.

2. God made us to enjoy him.

We’ll see these themes in our main Bible passage which is Psalm 148.

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