Proverbs: God’s Wisdom for Us – August 20, 2023

Proverbs 23:22

Pastor Tim Nguyen

Our relationship with our parents makes such a huge difference in our lives. And so today, I want to talk about parents. And when I say parents, I’m talking about people who are FUNCTIONALLY your parents.

So most obviously, it’s usually the mom and dad who made you, but families are complex. If you got abandoned at birth and grew up with loving adoptive parents, I’m talking about your adoptive parents. Not your biological parents. Because God has given you other people to take their place. Parent-figures. You may have both!

I have 2 biological parents that love me dearly but missed out on some key moments of my life! They never gave me the talk about girls (other than stay away from them), and they never taught me to drive. But my mentor did that for me. He is a parent figure to me. So we all have parents or parent-figures that God has placed in our lives to take care of us, believe in us, teach us and love us. Before we go on, I just want to take 10 seconds to think about the people who are functionally your parents. Moms. Dad. Parent figures. God parents. Mentors. Think of their faces.

Alright, now that we have that, I want to make an observation. Most people I know do not have a healthy relationship with their parents. Because on both sides, we simply don’t know how to make these important relationships thrive, especially in families with first generation immigrants because we’re working off such different ideas, beliefs, expectations and standards. That tension is enough to destroy families!

But what can we do about it? Who can we go to for wisdom?

I think the most qualified person to look to is the one who created this whole system of families. God’s creation included the relationship between parents and children and so it reasons that HE knows the ideal design and plan for our relationship with our parents! So let’s look through the book of proverbs to see what God’s wisdom says.

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