Genesis: Chosen to be a Blessing – October 10, 2021

Genesis 39:19-23; Genesis 40:5-8

Pastor Tim Nguyen

Even if you are a strong Christian, it can feel like you’ve been forgotten, and thoughts start bubbling up in our minds like:

“If God is supposed to be here with me, then why are these bad things happening to me?” And we often subconsciously answer these questions by making up assumptions. Maybe God’s not real. Maybe He’s not in control. Or maybe he’s in control, but He’s not good, He doesn’t want what’s best for me. Or simply, God’s too busy with other things to waste time on me. And because of our misunderstanding of God, many Christians get bitter or become complacent in life.

Our story today reminds us that when these hard moments come, we are exactly where God wants us to be and we just need to continue believing in what he is doing and to work with him. But what IS God doing in difficult times?

We’ll learn from our story today that God is:

  1. Blessing us
  2. Preparing us for greater things.

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