Abraham: Living by Faith – March 28, 2021

Genesis 17:10-12

Tim Nguyen

What are signs that you have a right relationship with God?

Religion is full of invisible stuff, and it’s hard to know. There are a lot of contradicting opinions out there. Some people say you must have supernatural spiritual gifts (for example: the gift of tongues) to be considered a Christian. Others say it’s just impossible to know any of this spiritual stuff is real. However, as Christians we NEED to know because we are betting our life on this relationship with God. Our Bible passage helps us understand two signs that help indicate that you are right with God.

The right life is:
1. Undivided
2. Unusual

We’ve been following the life of Abraham, a man who God has chosen to save the world by turning them back to God. In our previous sermon in this series, we saw that God makes this huge promise to empower Abraham with a big family and lots of land, allowing his family to be this huge force in living out God’s mission.

However, after all these promises, God asked for something from Abraham in return. A badge. A symbol.

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