Titus: Building Community – August 8, 2021

Titus 1:10-12

Pastor David Cay
NOTE OF CORRECTION: In the sermon, at the 15:26 mark, Pastor David incorrectly referenced a person in his story about “Silver Solution”. The person that Pastor David meant to refer to was “Jim Bakker”. Pastor David apologizes for the error.

My question today is: In the Christian life, in what ways do Christians get it wrong?

Today I want to talk about two common errors that happen when we live the Christian life. They have serious ramifications and can lead you into a lot of trouble.

These two errors are legalism, and the so called “prosperity gospel”. Legalism is a rule based religion that easily takes away our joy and the “prosperity gospel” is a religion based on consumption; the main goal is getting worldly goods. Our Bible passage today will help us to understand both errors.

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