The Sermon on the Mount – June 13, 2021

Matthew 7:1-6

Pastor David Cay

Our culture in many ways has become very moralistic where people need to behave and believe a certain way or they will be scorned or “cancelled” (the phenomenon is called “cancel culture”). So my question today is how should we respond to the moral failures of other people?

If we are truly honest, all of us fail morally all the time! Yet Christians are well known for being judgmental!

A recent study showed that 9 out of 10 non Christians believe that the term “judgmental” accurately describes present day Christianity.

So how we respond to our question today will determine whether Christians will bring division or healing. Our passage today comes from Matthew 7: 1-6.

Our Bible passage tells us that we need to:

  1. Remember our own sin a
  2. Respond if helpful

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