The Book of James: Disciplined Living – January 31, 2021

James 3:13-18

Pastor David Cay

The Christian life is a bit like growing teeth. We are either growing in the right way and in the right spot creating a great smile, or we are growing in the wrong way. The way we grow can have lasting effects in our lives.

If you grow the wrong way, you’ll spend a lot of your life wandering aimlessly. If you grow the right way, you will become all that God wants you to be. You will do really well for yourself and everyone you love.

So my question today is: how can we grow in the right way? Our passage today is telling us that we have to grow in godly wisdom. To do that:

  1. We need to grow out of the wrong wisdom that we live by.
  2. We need to grow into the right wisdom that only God can give.

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