The Book of James: Disciplined Living – January 24, 2021

James 1:26-27

Timothy Nguyen

When it comes to things that you bet your life on, you don’t want to depend on counterfeit things. This is especially true with our religion. Just like all things, there’s a real Christianity, and there’s a knock-off Christianity. We see it in movies and TV shows, Christians who are judgmental jerks, or Christians that raid and burn buildings and promote violence and anarchy in the name of Jesus. That cannot be the Christianity that Jesus had in mind.

Occasionally, you come across Christians who are unbelievably courageous. They’re on a whole different level. William Wilburforce, for example, ended the slave trade in the British empire. Orr Dietric Bonhoeffer, who resisted the Nazis and almost succeeded in killing Hitler. That Christianity is worlds away from the one we see in the media. One, you admire and the other, you despise, And rightfully so.

So our question today, what is real Christianity? In our passage, we’re going to see that real Christianity lives out an extreme commitment to following Jesus by doing good. We see that in two points:

  1. Real Christianity avoids causing harm.
  2. Real Christianity excels in doing good.

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