The Adventures of Paul – October 16, 2022

Acts 9:10-18

Pastor Enoch Chee

I want to ask, How can we know what to do? I’m talking about the art of decision making. Obviously we all have to make decisions. Some decisions are relatively small like what to do with a twenty dollar bill. And other decisions are a lot bigger. We have decisions for school and work and relationships and family and lifestyle. Decisions that shape our lives and affect other people. And, so much depends on our ability to make decisions. But fortunately for us, the Bible gives us the tools we need in order to make great decisions.

I believe between these two kinds of directions, we can always know what to do at any moment. We might not know what we should do tomorrow, or next year. We might not make the most efficient plan. We might still have setbacks. BUT I believe we can all know what God wants us to do at this moment. And in any moment we can live with divine wisdom. And over time if we listen to divine wisdom, we can live our best life.

And so I have two points to make from our Bible story today .

1. God gives us specific directions

2. God gives us general directions.

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