The Adventures of Paul – October 2, 2022

Acts 7:58

Pastor Enoch Chee

I find that even when we are older we still need to ask questions, because there are still things to learn. And there’s important knowledge out there. Knowledge that would make our lives better. Which brings me to my main question today, how can we save a soul? In other words, how can we help people to find new life in a relationship with God?

I think most Christians would agree it would be great to help someone find new life with God and live forever. And it would be especially great if we’re helping people who are close to us, like our family and friends.

But the problem is, most of the time we don’t see a way to convince people to believe what we do. And it can be discouraging. And it’s normal to be completely stuck when it comes to having those really important conversations about faith. And I get stuck too. But our Bible story today gives us some underrated tools for helping people to start a relationship with God.

My big idea today is, we can help people with EVIDENCE and with EXAMPLE. And our Bible story today teaches us these tools.

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