The Adventures of Paul – November 6, 2022

Acts 17:24-32

Pastor David Cay

Perhaps the most important misunderstanding and one that we need to deal with is the ones that deal with the character of God. There is a big segment of people that believe God is immoral like a violent dictator. Other people think he’s an imaginary friend that helps you get through problems.

But the Bible teaches something different. Our Bible story today teaches us that:

1. God is good for us

2. God can be proven (arguments and evidence for it)

Our Bible story comes from Paul’s adventures in the book of Acts. Paul has been going around cities telling people about Jesus. He gets to the City of Athens and it’s very different from the other cities he came from. It’s very famous for its culture and for their philosophy. Paul soon finds himself debating with the leading philosophers of his day. Paul presents a different idea about God than anything they had heard before.

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