The Adventures of Paul – November 13, 2022

Acts 28:16-31

Pastor Tim Nguyen

I think for most of us, life tends to be mundane. Life is not just one long string of Instagram highlights. We might have a few highlights each week, but for most of us the vast majority of our time is spent doing things that don’t photograph well.

On the flip side, maybe Instagram was onto something, even a Biblical idea that our life could be really great.

Maybe the truth is in the middle. Much of life LOOKS boring. But it can be great while looking boring. I believe we can thrive in the ordinary moments of life if we can appreciate the opportunities God gives us every day.

My big idea today is, in order to make the most of every circumstance, we should:

1. Look for golden opportunities

2. Look for ordinary opportunities

We’ll see this in our Bible story.

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