Strange Stories from The Bible – July 10, 2022

Mark 5:1-20

Pastor David Cay

Today we are starting a new series called: Strange Stories from The Bible. In this series, we are going to look at some of the most peculiar stories that Bible has to offer- stories that have a lot to teach us. Today we’re going to look at Mark 5: 1-20. It’s a story about Jesus, Demons and Pigs.

This story may sound strange and confusing to us but this Bible story actually answers an important question for every Christian. The question we need to ask today is: what is the value of a person’s soul? We need to think about this question as Christians.

Most likely, many of us are already convinced that it’s worth the effort and sacrifice to help people find Jesus. But when it comes to actually doing this, most Christians find it’s very hard and equally discouraging when we try to bring people to faith (I get it, I’ve felt this way too).

But from my experience, if you can get past the fear and embrace the hard work that comes with it I think you’ll find that sharing your faith can be a meaningful and thrilling experience.

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