Strange Stories From The Bible – August 28, 2022

John 2:13-17

Pastor David Cay

Many people see Jesus as just a nice guy. But Jesus was more confrontational than we think- he confronted the injustice of the religious elite. He said a lot of harsh things and because of this he made a lot of enemies who constantly wanted to kill him. You don’t kill nice people. Nonetheless, Jesus was perfect and this was a time where his perfect character and perfect love demanded more than just some kind words- it demanded action.

These stories are important because it gives us the proper understanding of who God is and what he is like. It gives us a picture of what God wants us to be like because we are called to imitate him, so we can join him in his work.

So our big question today is: how does perfect love respond to brokenness? When we unpack our passage, we’ll see it responds with action and with sacrifice. That’s how God responds, and that’s how he’s leading us to respond as well.

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