Revelation: Seeing the Invisible – February 18, 2024

“A good look at heaven”

Revelation 21-22

What is heaven like? That’s actually a really important question.

Obviously it helps to know about heaven if we ever have to deal with end of life issues. But heaven is so much more than a topic for the end of life.

In my experience, our idea of heaven changes the way we live every day. And if you really know what heaven is like, you’ll feel the power of heaven even nowadays. You’ll be more stable, and more optimistic, and you’ll be more bold, and you’ll have a stronger sense of direction in life. But first we need to get our idea of heaven right.

So our big question today is, what is heaven like? And our big idea is that heaven is a perfect place with perfect relationships. Because it’s a perfect place, we can be excited to go there, and we can be excited to take people there. And because it has perfect relationships, we can experience the power of those relationships even today. My task today is to show you all these ideas from the Bible so that you can have a firm expectation based on God’s words.

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