Relationships: Lessons from the Song of Songs – May 28, 2023

Song of Songs 1:1-8

Pastor Enoch Chee

What if there is a better love song? A song that guides us into the right relationships and shows us what good romance looks like? What if there’s a song that will help young people find the right one for them? And what if the same song can help couples keep the romance alive for the long term? What if this same song can help anyone to find love in their own contexts, and it can help even the people who are headed toward a life of singleness? I believe there is such a song and this song is right in the Bible.

So my main question today is: How can we have a great love life?

My answer that I’ve learned from the Song of Songs is that we need to take initiative. And taking initiative means two things.

  1. We need to choose love
  2. We need to face the obstacles

And I believe all of us can do these two things and benefit from God’s wisdom for us. My task today is to take you through the story of Song of Songs so that you see this answer for yourself straight from the Bible.

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