Relationships: Lessons from the Song of Songs – June 11, 2023

Song of Songs 8:6-7

Pastor Tim Nguyen

These past few weeks, we’ve been going through a series on love and romance. And we’ve been talking about how wonderful and beautiful love is… but as I was thinking about it this past week, love is also really weird. It makes weird things happen, like if you took a magnet to a compass and the compass just goes out of whack. That’s what love does sometimes!

Well, depends what you mean by love. So many people have different ideas about love.

There’s a love people use to describe things and food. There’s another love that is obsessive. There’s a love that only acts as a remedy for loneliness. There’s a love of convenience. And finally, a love that comes at us like a tornado and sweeps up off our feet and twirls us around and it’s the greatest feeling in the world… But just for a moment before it spits us out more disappointed than before. These all fail.

So our question today is,

Is there a kind of love that satisfies and completes us?

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