Psalms: Poetry To Shape The Imagination – January 22, 2023

Psalm 90:1-12

Pastor Enoch Chee

Why does a good God allow suffering in the world?

You’ve probably heard this question before. It’s a common question, and it’s an important question. People need to resolve a contradiction in their minds between a God of love and a God who almost seems to cause suffering on purpose. So it helps to be prepared to answer that question. But we also need to answer this question on a personal level. Because sooner or later we’re going to go through hard times. And it really helps to know why we’re suffering.

Our big idea today is that God makes us suffer in the short term so that he can satisfy us in the long term. My goal today is to show you this idea from our Bible passage, and I’ll also talk about some practical ways that this idea can change our lives.

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