Proverbs: God’s Wisdom for Us – August 13, 2023

Proverbs 22:4

Pastor David Cay

We all have things we treasure. We have things that are important to us, things we value, things that give meaning to our lives. Some people love their home and their possessions. Some people love their freedom. Some people love their career.

Some people love their relationships and families. And some people love to have fun. And these are all good things, so we treasure them and so we base our priorities on the things we treasure. However, we get into trouble when our priorities are not set properly.

So, my question today is: how can we set the right priorities? As it turns out, there is a whole book in the Bible dedicated toward helping us find the right priorities.

Today, we are starting a new series in the book of Proverbs. The Book of Proverbs is a book of patterns, and not necessarily a book of promises. This is an important distinction. It was written to teach us how to think, how to navigate through life and how to set our priorities.

The most foundational idea in the book of Proverbs is that a good relationship with God is the key ingredient to a wise life. When we have a proper relationship with God, it makes all of our priorities fall into place. So, the first priority is to get things right with God. We’ll see this in our main verse today.

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