Priorities: A Study in John Chapter 17 – December 31, 2023

“Knowing God”

John 17:1-8

When my son, Jalen, was a baby there were times at night when he would just cry uncontrollably. Maybe he wants milk? Maybe he’s hungry? So, we would give him milk and still he would just cry and cry. What does he want? Maybe a diaper change? So, we changed his diaper and still he would just cry and cry. We carried and danced with him but still he would just cry and cry. We gave him a soother, same result!

We called this the witching hour because we couldn’t figure out what he wanted! It was frustrating because he would do this almost every day. He would just cry and cry, and nothing would soothe him.

Then out of frustration, I put him down in front of the TV, and shockingly he stopped! He would just watch TV. The next day it worked again, and again and again! What a relief! Life would be so much easier if babies could just tell you what they want, it would save so much time and your sanity.

Sometimes, that’s how it can feel like in our relationship with God. If God could just tell us what He wants, and what is important, then we can see clearly what it means to be His follower.

So, my big question today is: What does Jesus want? Our Bible passage today comes from John 17: 1-5.

There are two ideas in our passage that I want to explore today:

  1. Jesus wants glory
  2. God’s glory is good for everyone

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