Lessons From The Desert – May 8, 2022

Numbers 14

Pastor Tim Nguyen

There are so many toxic cycles we fall into. We can have a toxic cycle with body image, where we have a bipolar relationship with food and fitness. We can fall into the same toxic dating patterns where I’m sure you see it with your friends but people date the same kind of terrible partners over and over again. And we don’t know why. There are cycles of unhealthy mindsets like rage quitting where you’d fall into the mentality of “screw it, everyone sucks, nothing matters. Nothing I do changes anything.” But of all these cycles, the greatest one that encompasses the rest is the cycle of sin.

Now what is sin? Sin is missing the mark. When you do something that is off-track with what life should be about. With that said, sin is not simply a rare mistake someone makes once in a while but rather, it can be defined as not living with perfect values that God has intended. Things like love, justice, mercy and faithfulness. Whenever our lives are off track with that, that’s sin. And you probably realize that nobody can do that perfectly. And so every Christian, no matter how mature they are, must constantly deal with this vicious cycle of sin. If we are arrogant or appethic to our sin, our rebellion, our toxic tendencies and cycles, it’s going to cost you a lot in the future.

And so that leads us to our question: How do we break out of a cycle of sin?

And the answer we see today in our passage is that we break out of our cycle of sin when we:

  1. Lean on God’s character
  2. Learn from sin’s consequences

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