Genesis: Chosen to Be a Blessing – September 5, 2021

Genesis 28:10-22

Pastor David Cay

Today, we begin a new series on the book of Genesis – specifically, the lives of Jacob and Joseph.

For some of us, we feel we are one big mistake and we feel like God can’t love us. We look at our mistakes, our failures and we don’t feel worthy to have a relationship with God. And no matter what we do, it feels like God is distant and doesn’t care about us.

Some of us don’t want a relationship with God because we have this view that God is like the moral police, that He’s like a bad boss or some dictator. Some view him as this needy person who always needs compliments to function. So it makes sense to ask why would anyone want a relationship with a God like that?

But the Bible tells us about a different God, a God that loves you and wants a relationship with you. He invites us into this life giving relationship. The only problem is we don’t just drift into a good relationship with God. We need to be intentional about it!

This leads me to my big question today: How do we get a right relationship with God?

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