Genesis: Chosen to Be a Blessing – October 3, 2021

Genesis 39:1-12

Pastor David Cay

Today I want to talk about the story of Joseph. Joseph was one of twelve brothers but he was the favorite son of his Father, Jacob. This caused an intense sibling rivalry- so intense that the brothers wanted to kill Joseph.

However, at the last minute they decided to sell Joseph as a slave instead. The slave traders took Joseph down to Egypt to be sold and there he worked and served a man named Potiphar.

In our passage, Joseph worked in a really difficult work environment, and he eventually overcame the challenges that he faced. Joseph teaches us how to engage the challenges of a difficult work environment. Work is a huge part of life and it’s part of God’s plan for every Christian to do good work (Eph 2:10; Eph 4:16).

Some work is paid, like if you have a career job. And other work is unpaid, like raising kids. But, we all need to work and we all need to overcome the challenges of our work. And our Bible story shows us how we can thrive at work and use our work to bless others and be blessed ourselves.

So my big question today is: What is the best way to approach our work? Our answer from our Bible story is:

  1. We should work with EFFORT
  2. We should work with INTEGRITY

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