Dealing With Distractions – December 4, 2022

Matthew 4:8-10

Pastor Tim Nguyen

Our focus today is this question:

What is the most important choice we will ever make?

And from our bible passage, we see that the biggest choice is about what kingdom we want. And we got 2 choices:

We could commit to an easy counterfeit kingdom, or a costly lasting kingdom.

That is the third test of our temptation series. While the first one dealt with the physical needs of the body, and the second one dealt with the security of the mind, this one is about the heart. The core of what Jesus is really about. And as we examine Jesus’ process of fighting against the temptation of the heart, we hope to learn something as we’re faced with the same temptation.

Dealing With Distractions – November 27, 2022

Matthew 4:5-7

Pastor Enoch Chee

We run into moments when we’re not in control, and it’s uncomfortable because it feels like our life is hanging in the balance. And those moments can be so uncomfortable that some people really try to avoid those moments. And they end up missing out on things. But fortunately as Christians the Bible teaches us a way for us to be completely secure in any circumstance. And if we can experience this security we can live with greater courage and make a greater difference for greater joy.

So, my question today is: how can we experience true security? As usual, we find our answer in the Bible.

Our Bible passage today comes from The Book of Matthew chapter 4. It talks about the second of three temptations that Jesus experienced in the wilderness.

Dealing With Distractions – November 20, 2022

Matthew 4:1-4

Pastor David Cay

I had to change a lot of things in my life because my body was starting to fall apart, but maybe that’s more normal for us than we like to admit. Because for many of us we live such fast-paced lives that it becomes difficult to take care of ourselves properly.

We ignore our most basic needs like nutrition and sleep. But there’s another basic need that we neglect and perhaps it’s because we aren’t even aware that we need it.

Our Bible passage today shows us we need God’s word just like we need food and sleep. We’ll see that:

1. We need to know what the Bible SAYS.

2. We need to know what the Bible MEANS.

Today, we are starting a new series called: “Dealing with Distractions”.

It’s a series that takes us through the three temptations that Jesus faced in the desert- temptations that we will face because we live in an age where we are surrounded by temptations and distractions. But we can overcome them just like Jesus did.

Let’s read from our main passage, from Matthew 4:1-4.