Christmas – December 19, 2021

Luke 2:8-20

Pastor David Cay

Christmas can provide great moments like getting good gifts and spending time with loved ones. But there is something even greater than this! It’s found in the Christmas story; it’s found in God’s words to us where he tell us that God has come to rescue us so that we can truly live

And like the Shepherds, there is always an initial fear at what this means for our lives. But when we truly understand God’s words and what it really means for us, we will see that Jesus is truly the best gift.

And when we truly understand what happened on this first Christmas we can’t help but respond!

Christmas – December 12, 2021

Luke 1:15-21

Joshua Wong
Intern Pastor, Lighthouse Community Church

How can we know if the Bible’s Christmas story is true – an incredible story about God revealing Himself by becoming a human being?

When we reflect on this Bible passage, we get the tools we need to learn the truth about Christmas. My big idea today is, if we want the truth, we need to be willing to work for it and even pay a price for it. More specifically, we need to fight our biases, and we need to follow the evidence.