Advent Series – Dec 22, 2019

Pastor Enoch Chee takes us through John 1:4. In this sermon, he talks about how God starts a relationship with grace and truth. He argues that if we take time to understand the ideas of grace and truth, that these things will change our lives profoundly.

Advent Series – Dec 15, 2019

Matthew 2:1-12

What do you want?

The things we want often reflect the deep cravings of our heart.

It’s different for everybody. Some want status, while others crave romance. Or maybe you want power, or respect, or money, or a big house, or a family.

We are always in constant flux of wanting something. We are never satisfied with things that we have; it feels like an endless cycle that no matter what we do or have it’s just never enough.

It’s because God has placed in each of us a hunger that can only be satisfied by Jesus.

Pastor David Cay takes us through the second chapter of Matthew, and brings us the following points:

  1. If you’re hungry for the wrong thing, it will leave you wanting
  2. If you’re hungry for Jesus, you’ll get something that lasts

Advent Series – Dec 1

Isaiah 9:6-7

We all have secrets. Behind the smiles, there is this darkness. We all have done things that we aren’t proud of; things that many people don’t know . We all are struggling with something, and we think that if anyone ever found out, we would be judged. We carry this burden on our shoulders. We don’t feel we are good enough and the cycle can continue over and over. And it begs the question, is there hope? Does the Christmas story bring relief to the darkness that we experience? Or is just about presents and a good time?