Arguing with Jesus – May 26, 2024

Mark 12:18-27

Everyone has a different story when it comes to their journey toward faith or away from faith. We all know people who are like James Wallace who come from a skeptical background. So, it naturally creates some tension in our conversations because our skeptic friends don’t want to believe.

Yet, as Christians we really want to help our friends find Jesus. So, my big question today is: How do we talk to skeptics?

Fortunately, the Bible is no stranger to skeptics. Our Bible story is about some skeptics who have a conversation with Jesus, and when we study this conversation, we see a good way to talk to a skeptic.

My big question today is: How can we answer skeptics? Our story teaches us two things we need to expect in those conversations:

  1. Expect apparent contradictions
  2. Expect brilliant resolutions

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