Abraham: Living by Faith – April 11, 2021

Genesis 19:15-17; 19:23-36

Pastor Enoch Chee

Today I want to tell the story of a man named Lot. It’s the story of an ordinary guy. Lot had a relationship with God, but he wasn’t like one of those super Christians. He was more like an average Christian.

Lot’s story teaches us two keys to avoiding disaster.

The first key is COMMITMENT.
The story of Lot reminds us that God’s way costs us everything. And there is no light option for the Christian life. But if we would commit fully to God’s plan for us we will find grace and security even in our darkest moments.

The second key to avoiding disaster is AMBITION.
To have eyes forward into God’s plan for us. To commit to making the most of the lifestyle that God wants you to live. To dream of things that make sense in eternity.

Let’s talk about big ideas and big dreams and you’ll probably be surprised at how powerful and accomplished it can be if you put your mind to it.

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